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Location: Chicago, IL
Willing to travel

Height: 5’ 3”  

Ethnicity: Indian

Eye color: Brown                                    

Hair color: Brown                                 



'Pillars Of The Community'        Marta                                 Strawdog Theatre (D: Elly Green)

‘The Departure’                            Aleesia                               Haven Theatre (D: Lexi Saunders)

‘Queen’ *                                       Sanam Shah                      Victory Gardens Theatre (D: Joanie Schultz)

‘Gender Breakdown’                    Self                                     Collaboraction (D: Erica Barnes)

‘Sylvester’                                      Lady  Marlowe (U/S)         Lifeline Theatre (D: Dorothy Milne)

‘Vanya (That’s Life)’                      Marina (U/S)                      Rasaka Theatre (D: Kaiser Ahmed)

‘Multitudes’                                   Rukhsana                          Vitalist /Rasaka Theatre (D: Liz Carlin-Metz)

‘Hang On To Your Shorts’           Amelia                               Chimera Ensemble (D: Gwendolyn Wiegold)

‘Anon(ymous)’                              Nemasani                          Cuckoo’s Theatre Project (D: Rocco Renda)

‘A Widow of No Importance      Lalitha                                 Rasaka Theatre (D: Lavina Jadhwani)

‘Washer/Dryer’                            Dr  Lee (U/S)                      Rasaka Theatre (D: Kaiser Ahmed)

‘A Nice Indian Boy’                      Megha (U/S)                       Rasaka Theatre (D: Anna Bahow)

*Jeff Nominated 'Best New Play' / BroadwayWorld Nomination 'Best Actress'


‘The Other Instinct’                  Dipali/Pireeni                    Stageleft Theatre (W: Sam Chanse)

‘A Fine Balance’                        Mrs Gupta/Ruby               International Voices Project (W: Rohinton Mistry)

‘The Girl Who Turned              Kendra                               Something Marvelous (W: Christian Duhamel)

Into A Feather’

‘Jihad Against Violence’           Woman                              Silk Road Rising (W: Fawzia Afzal Khan)

‘This Thing Of Ours’                 M                                        American Blues Theatre (D: Isaac Gomez)

‘Going Crazy, Wanna Come’   Alice                                    Black Box Acting (W: Conor Woods)

‘Chicago Library’                      Olivia/Bride                       TV Pilot Reading (W:  Melissa Birks)

‘Dad & Me’                                Geetha                               TV Pilot Reading (W: Vera Brooks)

‘Proximity’                                Nisha                                   TV Pilot Reading (W: Stephen Salemi)

‘Geeta’s Guide                         Sabrina                               Web Series Reading (W: Puja Mohindra)

To Moving On’

On Camera


‘It’s My Face’                             Kumary                               Columbia College Short (D: Sreejith Nair)

‘Prayer For Childless               Bhoomi                               Columbia College Short (D: Sandeep R)

‘New Moon’                               Mali                                     Columbia College Short (D: Melissa T)




All State Insurance Training Video

MMC E-learning Training Video

Northwestern University Training Video


Training & Workshops

School at Steppenwolf


Shakespeare with Susan Hart and Jeffrey Carlson

Act One Studios, Chicago – Fundamentals I & II

Acting Studio, Chicago – On Camera I






MBA from Duke University, NC  & B.Tech from SNDT University, India

8 years corporate experience

Dancer & Choreographer ( Bollywood & Indian Classical)


Languages: Hindi & Urdu

Dialects: RP, Estuary & Northern England (Manchester)


Additional Skills
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