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'Priya Mohanty - Writer Actor Of Web Series FOBia' - Urban Asian
'FOBia’ creator and writer Priya Mohanty: “My main goal with the series was to humanize the
immigrant experience'' - WGN Radio
'LQBTQ+ Women & Film' - The Jam TV Show
'OTV launches biggest season to date, April 4 at MCA' - Reel Chicago
'ITWIFF to host 'Ladies Rocking The Lens Film Series'' - Broadway World
FOBia’: A real-life immigrant tale on and offscreen - People's World
'Priya Mohanty is a scientist, and she plays one in 'Queen' at Victory Gardens Theater' - Chicago Tribune
'Anu Behari speaks with Priya Mohanty of 'Queen' ' - Eye On India
'Mohanty’s Sanam is a tough, intelligent woman as deft at navigating awkward dates as she is a head-spinningly complex algorithm.' - Chicago Theatre Beat
'With vivid chemistry, Mohanty and Nalepa perfectly capture the complexity of a friendship between colleagues.....When Mohanty is paired with Poss, they are as charming as any quick-witted romcom couple.' - Theatre Mania
'The relationship that truly steals the show is that of Nalepa and Mohanty in the roles of Ariel and Sanam ... At the heart of their partnership is a loyalty that cannot break, and Nalepa and Mohanty bring that to life.' - Picture This Post
'...this is Mohanty’s story, a well-earned opportunity to visibly work against some of the concerns she raised regarding the casting of persons of color in Collaboraction’s “Gender Breakdown.” ' - New City Stage
'To see the chemistry between Mohanty and Poss is worth a trip to the converted Biograph Theater.' - Buzz News
'...deliciously portrayed by Priya Mohanty..' - Around The Town
'Played by Priya Mohanty and Darci Nalepa respectively, the two women create a steadfast onstage energy...  two powerhouse women fighting convention and fighting for what they want...' - Performink
'I found myself caring about the characters, especially Mohanty’s strong, quirky Sanam.' - HP Herald
'...encounters could not be more hilarious, and are played to perfection..' - Chicago Sun Times
'Priya Mohanty brings an innocence, drive and urgency to Sanam and her work that aligns the entire cast behind her.' - TheatreWorld Internet Magazine
'Director Erica Vannon’s grounded cast speak with such candor they never seem to be acting at all'.  - Chicago Reader
'Chicago Theatre’s Gender Breakdown' - American Theatre
'Collaboraction Exposes the ‘Gender Breakdown’' - Hollywood Chicago 
'Gender Breakdown Review – Amplifying the Voices of Women in Theatre' - Splashmags
'Shane Sakhrani’s script is peppered with entertaining vignettes—the highlights of which definitely include Deepa’s matchmaker confidant, Lalitha (played by Priya Mohanty to hilarious bombast).' - TimeOut
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